Essential Craft Services Strategies for Film and TV Productions

Craft Services

When you are on a film set, you must have a well-stocked craft services table. This is to keep the cast and crew energized during long shooting days.  These services, within the film industry, are responsible for providing food and drinks to cast and crew members. Some productions contract external catering services. Some may have an in-house team dedicated to this task. Whatever your source make sure you have the right catering strategies for your film set.

Throughout the filming process, these services are available on set at all times. This allows actors and crew members to have a snack between takes. They can enjoy meals during breakfast, lunch, and dinner breaks.

The variety and quantity of food provided depends on the production's budget and specific needs. It can be a range of snacks such as chips, nuts, cookies, pretzels, fruits, and vegetables. There can also be beverages like coffee, tea, soda, water, and juice.

They might provide meals such as coffee and donuts for breakfast. They may give pizza and burgers for dinner.

Importance Of Craft Services:

Film catering London is important in maintaining the energy levels of the cast and crew throughout the day. It keeps everyone well-fed. This helps optimize performance and productivity on set.

Depending on industry regulations and production requirements, providing these service options may be mandatory. Having a well-prepared table contributes to smooth production. It also provides a convenient way for everyone to stay nourished during filming.

Strategies for Providing The Best Craft Service With Film Catering London:

Strategy No. 1: Look For Versatile Catering Solutions

In Film Catering London there are different options available. Choose one that suits your requirements. This strategy can surely help you in a big way. Depending on the location and schedule of your filming, collaborating with a catering company shows flexibility. Peepal UK can accommodate the unique demands of your production. For instance, shooting outdoors may necessitate slightly different meal options compared to an indoor set.

Choose a caterer who can serve hearty meals on set and convenient lunch boxes for outdoor shoots. This will keep your crew well-fed and ready to film.

Strategy No. 2: Offer Healthier Choices for Craft Services

Craft services: We provide sustenance to the crew. They also offer choices that cater to varying dietary needs and preferences. Provide healthy options that will keep everyone satisfied and performing at their best:

Fruit and veggies: You can have fresh fruits and veggies. Serve apples, grapes, carrot sticks, and cherry tomatoes.

Yogurt parfaits: Serve different yogurt flavors with toppings. You can have fresh fruit, honey, and granola. This versatile option allows crew members to customize their parfaits.

Packaged snacks: You can also provide healthier packaged snack options. Include choices like whole-grain pretzels, air-popped popcorn, or baked chips. These can be alternatives to traditional, high-fat snacks.

Granola and protein bars: Granola and protein bars are convenient. They also provide a quick and nutritious option to boost energy between scenes.

Sandwiches: You can have different sandwiches. They are a substantial meal option during lunch or dinner breaks. You can have protein-rich fillings like grilled chicken and turkey. You can also have vegetarian options.

Tea and coffee: Keeping the cast and crew hydrated and alert is essential. Set up a tea and coffee station. You can have herbal teas and caffeinated varieties.

Water: Hydration is important during long hours of filming. Have plenty of bottled water throughout the day. You can have a cooler with ice for crew members to refill their reusable water bottles.

Strategy No. 3: Easy Accessibility of The Services Table:

Maintaining accessibility to the craft services table is important. This is a must during the demanding schedules where breaks are few.

The strategic placement of the craft service table near the set gives easy access to food and refreshments throughout the day.

The cast and crew can quickly replenish their energy levels without going far from their filming duties. This minimizes disruptions to the production process.

By keeping the table within easy reach, you save valuable time. You also conserve the energy of the team members. This allows them to remain focused and efficient.

This table is like a lifeline for the crew during filming. It is there for quick snacks or a drink to keep them going. Having food nearby also helps the team feel supported and boosts morale. It keeps everyone happier and more productive on set.

Strategy No. 4: Invest in Comfortable Seating

Provide comfortable seating options near the table. This strategy allows the cast and crew to take breaks in between filming sessions. They can take a few moments to relax. They also get a chance to enjoy a meal. Comfortable seating enhances the overall experience on set. It promotes well-being throughout the production day.


Having good food, easy access to snacks, and comfy seats on set keeps everyone happy. It also helps to keep the staff productive. All these strategies are about taking care of the crew and creating a positive filming environment. For more details about Film Catering London contact Peepal UK.


What are craft services?

Craft services provide food and drinks for the cast and crew on a film set.

What kind of food is offered at craft services?

Craft services offer snacks like chips, fruits, and sandwiches, and drinks like water, coffee, and soda.

Why are craft services important?

It keeps the cast and crew energized during long filming days.

Where is the craft services table usually located?

The table is placed near the set for easy access by the cast and crew.

Who manages the craft services table?

The craft services table is managed by dedicated staff and catering services providers.

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