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Location Catering for TV, Film and Commercials

Peepal UK is an all-inclusive mobile catering company that offers a variety of delightful dishes for your production of any size. Whether it's a captivating movie scene or a heartfelt TV show, one thing always stays in every aspect of entertainment: outstanding cuisine. This is necessary to keep everyone engaged and energetic. Our intention is to feed people's tummies with healthy and nutritious meals.

Location Catering

Peepal UK Location Catering: Behind the Camera, In Front of Taste:

Visualize a demanding day on the set. Everybody's stomach is grumbling, the crew has begun setting up equipment, and the actors are practicing their dialogue. When there is inferior food, there is a drop in productivity and a rise in annoyed expressions. Here's where Peepal UK catering location comes into action. Check out the reasons for choosing us:

  • Healthy and Balanced Diet After Every Shot: We follow demanding health and safety regulations, and the cuisine supplied is both delicious and safe to eat.
  • Excellent Catering for the Stars and Crew: We provide delicious mains, steaming soups, hearty sandwiches, and nutritious salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • We Believe in Versatility: To accommodate everyone's preferences and tastes, we have a customized menu that consists of variety of dishes.
  • Available on Short Notice: No matter if you are on a late-night shoot. We are always available for you. No one goes hungry while creating magic on screen.
  • Hygienic Preparation of Food: As we are conscious of your health, we strictly maintain a hygienic environment in our cooking area.
  • Experience the taste of a 5-star hotel on your set: We have experienced chefs to prepare an amazing variety of scrumptious food for the complete unit.

Location Catering

Checkout our Location Catering Menu:

To meet the specific requirements of the vibrant entertainment scene in the city, Peepal UK provides the best film location catering services in London. Our catering team tries to fulfil all the dietary requirements of the unit. We have a well-balanced menu consisting of:

  • Delicious and fresh meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Mouthwatering Dessert after lunch and dinner
  • In the afternoon, we offer tea, coffee, snacks, freshly cut fruit, and a variety of other hot options.

Location Catering

A Memorable Culinary Journey with Peepal UK Location Catering:

Get cost-efficient and reliable location catering services at a single click! To enjoy a delectable range of food and beverages, you have to book us for a particular day. Communicate with our experts for any further information or for booking instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many companies are indulged in providing such services. Peepal UK is one of them. They have expertise in catering for these events, ensuring that actors and staff are well nourished while on site. With the knowledge of food safety and menu options, they provide services that are well suited for these productions.

The companies use careful purchasing system, appropriate storage, and handling to guarantee food quality and safety. They put a high priority on employee training, implementing sanitary practices, and following food safety laws. Planning a menu takes into account dietary restrictions, location, and quality control procedures. These procedures are monitored by enthusiastic staff members to ensure a safe catering session

Indeed, Peepal UK provides personalized menus. We collaborate with clients to create menus that are customised to their particular tastes, dietary requirements, and event types. Our ability to be flexible enables us to provide our clients with a customised and broad culinary experience.

You have to get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your production. It includes the date, location, and other requirements, before reserving services. Our team is highly efficient and they collaborate with you to design a menu that suits your needs. Share your requirements and we will send you a quote. We will verify the reservation as soon as the terms are finalized.

Give us the specifics of your event, including the venue, number of guests, date, dietary requirements, and any special requests, to receive a quote. A customised menu will be created by our staff, and we will send you a thorough price that lays out all the expenses.

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We use fresh ingredients and have curated menus for varied functions. Our highly experienced chefs will design menus for your event to provide a memorable experience for you and your guests. You can bank on us to experience amazing food and service. We have packages to cover various events of different sizes and styles. Let us take care of your food while you take care of your guests and enjoy a truly great time! Cocktail | Gala Dinner | Weddings | Corporate Parties

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