Film and TV Catering Trends: What's New in 2024?

Film and TV Catering

Films and TV production are not all about Light, Camera and Action, but also some behind-the-scene unique and under-explored fields of Film and TV catering. As the demand for good food by the cast and crew on the sets increases, the film and TV catering industry is stepping up to meet those needs. In 2024 film and TV catering have evolved by bringing new tastes and experiences. In this blog, we’ll explore the changing film and TV catering trends.

Need for Catering in the Entertainment Industry

The unpredictable working hours of the cast and crew of the film and television industry require them to have quality and nutritious food to keep themselves energetic. It is the role of the catering team to check that everyone in the team is well-fed with their favourite food. 

Catering is not only about serving meals but also about understanding the needs of everyone and providing them with a meal that goes with their dietary regulations.

Recent Trends in Film and TV Catering

 As the ever-changing entertainment industry continues to adapt to new changes, so is the world of catering for them. In recent years various new catering trends have taken over film and TV catering, such trends include:

  1. Rise in Niche Catering: Just like the diverse range of movies and shows, the niche in the catering industry has also evolved to cater to the taste of every cast and crew member. In modern times everyone is concerned about their diet and food quality, so we might see a new trend in catering services in 2024.
  2. Culinary Creativity: The days of serving a standard menu are gone. Nowadays catering agencies are bringing new and creative culinary experiences by pushing their boundaries of food and flavours. With changing trends, the catering industry is not only restricted to serving food but also providing great culinary experience.
  3. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices: As the world is rapidly moving towards adopting eco-friendly practices, the film and TV industry is also following those practices, which has urged the catering industry to evolve with such practices. In 2024, we could see the catering industry moving towards adopting more eco-friendly practices.
  4. Tech-Driven Catering Solutions: In this rapidly growing world of technology, online food delivery apps have changed the catering experience. Now the cast and crew can get their favourite food delivered from their choice of restaurants and cafes within half an hour. 
  5. Customized Catering: Nowadays everyone has their dietary regulations and wants to follow them only. Catering service providers need to customise their menus according to the preferences of the cast and crew. In 2024 customized catering emerged as one of the fast-growing trends for catering to films.
  6. Global Flavours, Local Ingredients: The cast and crew of the film and television industry have to travel to far-flung destinations for shoots and they even have to stay away from their homes for months, missing their local flavours. Nowadays catering services agencies are bringing those local flavours to their food irrespective of the place they visit.

Challenges faced by Film and TV catering companies

Although the film and TV industry continues to grow and evolve with the changing trends. Still, Film and TV catering agencies have to face some major issues:

  • The primary issues that film and TV catering companies face are last-minute schedule changes. The film production industry has unpredictable shift timings and locations. Catering companies have to keep a backup ready with them to cater for such issues.
  • With a large cast and crew, it is difficult for catering agencies to meet everyone's dietary needs on time. This requires a professionally trained staff who can communicate well with the cast and crew members to understand their dietary needs and provide food according to that.
  • As the film industry is more driven towards health and nutrition, it is important to serve food that is healthy, nutritious and tasty. With a large number of cast and crew, it is challenging to provide such food.
  • Budget has been the most common issue that catering agencies face in film catering. With a very limited budget allocation catering agency has to fulfil a large demand made by the cast and crew.

Despite facing such challenges, the film and TV catering industry has been continuously growing and fulfilling the needs of the cast and crew with their innovations and improved culinary experience. Adopting eco-friendly and sustainable catering practices it has also improved the dining experience for the cast and crew.


As the world of Light, Camera and Action continues to change, so is the film and TV catering industry. The new trends in 2024 include shifting towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices by proving the cast and crew improved culinary and dining experience. 

From niche catering to customized catering, the film and TV catering industry has always made up with the growing trends. So next time when you watch a movie or a series don’t forget to check out these trends.

We at PEEPAL UK always keep a match with trends to fulfil all your film and TV catering needs.        


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