Location Catering Services in London : A Complete Overview

 Location Catering

Catering services are very important in any film production. It is necessary to keep the cast and crew fed and energized. Whether you're a producer, director, or crew member you must know about film Location Catering London. It will help you plan a successful shoot.

Location catering means providing food and drinks at an outdoor place. It is different from the traditional kitchen where food is made in a specific area and served at the venue. Here, it is made on-site and served fresh. This improves the guests' experience.

Location caterers are skilled professionals and they have expertise in creating custom menus. They set up temporary kitchens. They know how to meet the needs of all guests.

Why Location Catering?

Location catering plays an important role on film sets. Given below are some reasons for hiring a trustworthy location caterer:

Flexibility: Food can be served anywhere, like outdoor locations or film sets. It helps in creating the right atmosphere for the crew.

Variety: In location Film Catering London many menu options are available. Menus can be customized to fit different tastes and needs.

Cost Savings: It saves money on venue and equipment rentals. More budget can be spent on other important parts of the film production.

Convenience: Reduces stress as the caterers handle food preparation, delivery, setup, and cleanup. Allows the film crew to focus on filming rather than worrying about meals.

Personalized Service: Caterers work closely with the production team to understand their needs. They ascertain that everyone is well-fed and happy.

Attention to Detail: Caterers coordinate with other crew members to check that everything runs smoothly. Creates a great dining experience on set.

Customization: Menus can reflect the theme of the film or specific dietary requirements. Offers creative food options. This can make meal times more enjoyable for the crew.

Menu Ideas for Location Catering for Films and TV

Breakfast Menu

· Eggs: Fried, poached, or scrambled.

· Meat: Sausage and bacon.

· Sides: Beans, hash browns, and mushrooms.

· Bread: Toast with preserves and croissants.

· Cereal: A variety of cereals and porridge.

· Fruits: Grapefruit segments and fresh fruit.

· Specials: Smoked salmon, avocado, and baby spinach.

Lunch Menu

Main Dishes:

· One meat dish.

· One fish dish.

· One vegetarian dish.


· Two types of potatoes.

· Fresh vegetables.

Salads: A large selection of freshly made salads.

Fruits: Fresh fruit.

The menu also includes:

· One hot dessert, one cold sweet, with custard and cream.

· Cheese and biscuits.

· Afternoon Tea

· Freshly made Sandwiches

· Various varieties of cakes.

· Fresh fruit platter.

· Tea, coffee, and mineral water are available all day.

· You can also have hot late breaks, soup, and hot chocolate for Crew catering.

Caterers give the option of providing hot boxes for location catering. The best catering company prepares all menus freshly. The caterer can include options for all allergies and intolerances. They can give gluten-free and dairy-free choices.

Craft Services vs. Catering in Film Production

In film production, there are two main types of food services: craft services and catering. Though often confused, they serve different purposes.

Craft Services

· Purpose: Provide snacks and drinks throughout the day.

· Setup: Can be in a central spot on set or mobile, moving with the crew.

· Items: Includes coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, fruit, chips, and other snacks.

Catering Services

· Purpose: Provides full meals for the cast and crew.

· Setup: Meals can be buffet-style or plated.

· Items: Offers a variety of meal options to meet different dietary needs. The caterer may also provide snacks and drinks.

Budget Considerations for Film Catering

Catering budgets for film productions can vary. Key factors that influence the budget include:

· Number of People: More cast and crew members mean more food and drinks. This will increase the budget.

· Duration: Longer shoots need more meals and snacks. This will affect the budget.

· Meal Types: Different meals have different costs (e.g., breakfast buffet vs. plated dinner).

· Dietary Needs: Catering for dietary restrictions might require special ingredients. This can raise the costs.

· Location: Remote or hard-to-reach locations can increase transportation and Location catering London costs.

When planning a film's catering budget, consider these factors. Work with a catering company to get a customized quote based on the production's specific needs.

How to Find the Right Company for Film Location Catering?

Choose a Specialist

Select a catering company with experience in feeding cast and crew at various locations. They should handle the demands of any set size and location. The company must provide unique catering services across London. The company must have an understanding of the challenges of life on set.

Understand Outdoor Catering Challenges

Outdoor locations can lack the basics. They may not have tables, cutlery, or crockery. A full-service caterer can bring everything needed to create a comfortable dining setup. They can also adapt the menu to fit the day’s schedule. They can provide quick options like finger food and buffets for easy, on-the-go eating.

Source a Complete Service

Your caterer should not only provide meals. He must also handle setup and cleanup. This allows the cast and crew to focus on their work. The crew can relax during breaks. The Location Catering London service provider should offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. They must also provide hot drinks, throughout the filming period.

Consider Special Requirements

It is crucial to cater to everyone’s dietary needs. A good caterer can create a bespoke menu for

· Vegan

· Vegetarian, and

· allergy-friendly meals.

They must tailor menus to meet various dietary requirements. The catering company has to take care that all the team members are well-fed and happy.

Peepal UK is one of the best choices for location catering for film and TV sets. We have expertise in this field. We have provided catering to many film and TV productions. We can also manage events and corporate catering. For more details about our services, you can talk to our team.


On-location catering is essential for film shoots. It is very important when the shoot is in remote or hard-to-reach places. Choosing an experienced catering company that specializes in on-location services ascertains that your cast and crew are well-fed and energized.

Working with an experienced film catering company has one big benefit. It keeps your team well-fed throughout the production. This can have a positive impact on your shooting.

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