Location Catering: The Ultimate Guide for Planning Your Perfect Event

Location Catering

Organising an event, whether it is a wedding, corporate event, or any social event. It requires detailed planning to ensure its success. The most important part of any event is catering. Location catering has emerged as one of the top choices for catering. This blog will talk about everything you need to know about location catering. Including benefits, tips to select the right location caterer, and how to plan your catering budget. 

What is Location Catering?

Location catering refers to providing food and beverage at a specific outdoor location. Unlikely a traditional kitchen location, where food is prepared in a dedicated area, and is served on venue. But in this type of catering food is prepared on-site and is freshly served. This is done to enhance the experience of the guests. 

Location caterers are skilled professionals who have experience in creating a customised menu and setting up a temporary kitchen. They have experience in catering to the needs of every guest and ensure that everyone is well-fed. 

Benefits of Location Catering

When you hire a professional location caterer they provide you uncountable benefits to make your event successful. Some benefits to be considered are:

  1. Fresh and high quality food: Profession and experienced location caterers know how to source fresh ingredients at the location. By sourcing fresh ingredients they are able to deliver exceptional dining experiences.
  2. Customised Menu: An experienced location caterer will work closely with you to create a customised menu that suits the event theme. They can help you in creating such a menu that can leave a lasting impression on your guests.
  3. Efficiency and convenience: Location caterers have expertise in handling all aspects of catering services. From attending guests to providing them with food according to their dietary requirements. This allows you to look after other important arrangements of the event.
  4. Expertise in Dietary Restrictions: An experienced location caterer knows how to meet dietary restrictions of your guests. Whether it includes preparing gluten-free, vegan, or allergic friendly food. They can cater to everyone’s needs, so that no guest feels excluded. 
  5. Professional Services: An expert catering service provides a professional service throughout the event. From setting up a temporary kitchen to cater to the needs of every guest.

Factors to consider when choosing a location caterer

Choosing a right location caterer is crucial to the success of your event. Factors that needs to be considered while selecting a location caterer are:

  1. Experience and reputation: Look for location caterers that have a proven track record of delivering quality services. Read reviews on google, ask for recommendations from their past clients, and request a sample of their work. To ensure that they meet your expectations.
  2. Menu Options and Flexibility: Look for a caterer that can adapt various menu options to meet the needs of your event. An experienced caterer will customise the menu to meet dietary needs of your guests.
  3. Availability and capacity: Check with your caterer about his availability on your desired date. Ensure that they can handle the capacity of your event. Provide guest count to the caterer so they can prepare accordingly.
  4. Tasting: Schedule tasting with your caterer so that you can understand their culinary style. Discuss the desired taste of your guests and your expectations from them.
  5. Cost and value for money: Look for a caterer who offers value for money. Considering their expertise, quality of food, and level of service. Discuss pricing and any additional fees to ensure transparency and avoid surprises.

Tips for making your location catering success

  1. Communication: Communicate with your caterer regarding all your needs and expectations. Address all the issues faced by your caterers regarding meeting dietary requirements of your guests. 
  2. Plan for uncertainties: It is advisable to plan for uncertainties. As unforeseen circumstances can arise anytime during the event. A backup plan is necessary to deal with such situations.
  3. Prioritise Guest Experience: The success of any event depends upon the guest satisfaction. Customised menu in such a way that it meets the dietary requirements of all guests.
  4. Show appreciation: Appreciate the efforts and hard work of the catering team. A simple thank you can foster a positive impact and can ensure collaboration for future events catering.

Budgeting for location catering

Budget is a crucial part of any event. Determining a budget before an event is an important aspect of planning. Tips that can be used to manage your budget include:

  1. Determine your priorities: It is important to determine your priorities before creating a budget. It helps you to distribute an equal portion of your budget to everything.
  2. Get multiple quotes: Reach out to several caterers in the market and request a detailed quote from them. This will provide you with a clear understanding of what each caterer is offering in your budget.
  3. Ask about hidden cost: Inquire about all the hidden costs that are involved and are not included in the initial quote. These charges include service charge, equipment charge, and overtime charge. 
  4. Consider package deals: Caterers offer package deals which include food, beverage, and other services at a discounted rate. Discuss with your caterer if they have any such package.
  5. Negotiate: Do not accept the quote given by the caterer directly, always negotiate with them to save cost.


Location catering has emerged as a top choice in today’s world of destination weddings. It is important to understand your catering needs and then look for a caterer that provides location catering services. Remember to consider factors such as reputation, experience and customised menu options when choosing a location caterer.  Plan your menu carefully. Consider the dietary restrictions of your guests to meet their needs. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

We at PEEPALUK offers you location catering services with option to customise your menu.  

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