Top 5 Wedding Catering Trends to Watch in London for Your Big Day

Wedding Catering

Whether it is creating new memories or sharing flavors from the past, most couples want to impress their guests. One of the best ways to do this is with the food and drinks they serve. To help couples do just that, here are the top trends of wedding catering in London. Some draw inspiration from couples' own food histories. Others aim to impress with new and innovative ways of experiencing food. The wedding platter is becoming more than just a meal.

Trend No. 1. Late Night Snacks At The Wedding

Having food late at night at weddings is pretty common. Couples often serve snacks to keep the party fun. But in the coming years, these late-night snacks will be even more special for each couple.

They might hire a favorite food truck to park outside the venue. They can also offer different kinds of foods from around the world. This is a way for couples to show off their personalities. They can get creative with the food they serve.

These days you will find themed menus for market stalls. These stalls offer food from places like Japan, Greece, India, England, and America. It's a fun way for guests to try different foods. They can also learn about the couple's culture. They can even watch the chefs cook their food and enjoy the excitement of it all.

Some such food stalls work with local suppliers who make high-quality products. They offer things like cured meats from Cobble Lane. They also have cheeses from Paxton and Whitfield, bread from Paul Rhodes, and aged ham. It's a delicious way to end the night!

Trend No 2. Food Shows

Our second trend for wedding catering in London is about making food fun to watch. Couples want their guests to have unforgettable experiences, even with food. This might mean cooking breakfast outside over a fire while everyone watches. Maybe the chef makes dinner right at your table, chopping and cooking in front of everyone.

Or guests could build their own desserts. They can make ice cream sundaes. They can roast marshmallows over a fire. There are so many such cool things you can do with food to make your wedding special

People are also having a special dessert show. In this, the chefs will set up a dessert table right in front of your guests. It is like a mini-show just for them, and it is sure to be a hit!

Trend No 3: Other Options Instead of Cake

Not everyone likes cake. That's okay! Some couples feel like they have to have a cake at their wedding. This is because it is a tradition that goes way back to ancient Rome. But did you know that the tradition used to be breaking wheat or barley cake over the bride's head? It has changed a lot over time. Now we have beautiful tiered cakes with lots of flavors. But you don't have to have a cake if you don't want to!

You can have cookies. There can also be a wall of donuts. You can also have a station with lots of candies. These days people are opting for a tower of cheese instead of a cake.

These alternatives are becoming more popular. This is because couples want to do things their own way. We think this trend will stick around for a while. More couples are getting creative with their desserts. Some couples even have a small cake for tradition's sake. They have lots of other desserts for their guests to enjoy.

Trend No 4: Fun Food and Drink Combos

You know how wine goes with food. Well, what about pairing food with cocktails or beer? That's another cool trend that couples are trying at their weddings. We think this trend will get even bigger in the future

Unique cocktails, mocktails, and craft beer are getting more popular. Serving creative drinks, not just the usual ones is a great way to make your wedding special.

You could serve small drinks with snacks, like tacos and margaritas. You may also have fried clams and a bloody Mary. People are also pairing mini burgers and beer. Some even offer dessert cocktails, like an espresso martini. This is to give your guests a boost of energy before the party starts!

You can choose when and how to serve these combos. But get creative and your guests will be impressed.

Trend No 5: Eco-Friendly Catering

People are starting to care more about the environment. That is great news! Even the wedding industry is getting in on it. It is nice to see suppliers and couples making choices that help the planet.

One way they are doing this is through eco-friendly wedding catering in London. Couples want food that is locally sourced. They want something that doesn't create a lot of waste.

They are also asking for more plant-based menus. We hope this trend sticks around because it's important to help make the world a greener place.

Caterers are offering a special sustainable wedding package. This is for couples who want their wedding to reflect their values. Some of these packages have a three-course vegan meal made from sustainable ingredients. They have drinks from eco-friendly wineries. These packages also include vegan snacks for later. They have eco-friendly tableware. Let's help the planet, one wedding at a time!

Additional Trend To Consider: Small Bites Menus

Small bites menus are trending in wedding catering right now. They might sound cheap because of the name. But they can be pricier. These menus take a long time to serve. This is a good option if you want your wedding dinner to last a while. It is also a nice trend if you prefer your guests to eat and chat all day instead of sitting down for a big meal.

Your guests get served with lots of different little courses. These are usually fancy or unusual foods. So they can try a bit of everything. If you can afford it, it's cool to have a different wine with each course. It is also nice to have speeches or entertainment between the courses to keep things fun.


These are some of the wedding catering trends in London. If you want your wedding to be different consider these options. Peepal UK can provide such interesting food options for your big day. For more details contact us right away.

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